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 Wolf Team Online

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PostSubject: Wolf Team Online   Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:32 am

Website ===>>>

Guide to the Guide:

Getting Started
Wolf Team is free to download and free to play. This section has all the information you need for account creation (if you don't already have an Aeria account), download, and installation. You will also find information here about selecting your Territory, choosing a Call Sign, and how to get yourself geared and in game.
Wolves and Humans
Wolf Team features two different player models: werewolves and humans. This page is a handy guide to help you learn more about when you can shift, when you can't, and how the transformations work. Each wolf form has specific abilities, and these are detailed here.
Once you are ready to enter the game, this section will be a big help. This details the weapon system (weapon groups and how they work), the interface, and the game controls.
Game Modes
There are several different modes of gameplay. This section describes each one, as well as any limitations they may have. Some modes allow for free transformation, while others are human vs wolf. The different modes also have different objectives, and those are described here as well.
The Armory contains information regarding equipment and gear. This is where to go for weapon specs and information on enhancement items (such as backpacks and tattoos). This information is also available in game at the Item Shop, but we have condensed it here for your convenience.
Looking to be the top of the dogpile? This is a complete listing of the rankings as well as the exp required to reach that level.
Clan Information
In Wolf Team, players have the opportunity to create or join Clans. These Clans open more opportunities, such as Clan Battles, missions, and a Clan-specific messenger. Members of a clan also gain bonuses if other members of the clan are online, based on their place in the Hierarchy.

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Wolf Team Online
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